15 years of solid experience in IT.

System architect, product manager, senior full stack developer, certified Scrum Master.
Creator of InstaVue.

Open for product manager, team leader, tech co-founder positions.


Soft skills: Product Management, Scrum, StartUps, Lean, Team Leadership, Business Development
Technical skills: OOP, Scalable Architecture, Design Patterns, PHP, Symfony, Java, Android, JavaScript, jQuery, AureliaJS, VueJS, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL
Other: High Load, TDD, Unit Testing, DB design, AndroidAnnotations, Research, Git, SSH, Linux, Nginx, Apache, Bootstrap CSS, REST, ...


SalesLyft - platform for immediate time to market

Site: http://saleslyft.com/
Dates: Sep 2014 - Feb 2017

SalesLyft is an eCommerce and Telecom platform built to minimize time to market for business of any size.

SalesLyft is young startup but its clients are companies like Ingram Micro, AT&T Partner Exchange, ADCom Solutions and other.

Roles: Head of Engineering Project manager Backend developer
Under the hood: Symfony PostgreSQL, MySQL MongoDB AngularJS, AureliaJS APIs integrations Magic

Started as backend developer in 9 month I grew up to a Project Manager and later to Head of Engineering. Working in touch with CEO, VPs, clients and partners I was responsible for delivery of core components of the eCommerce platform.

In my scope was hiring people, organizing work to meet deadlines, creating optimal road map of the platform development. Process was built on Agile principles with strict feature workflow and daily communication between developers and QA team.

As a developer I was focused on delivering quality code in time and sharing my experience and knowledge with all the team. I organize team meetups, made Unit Testing, TDD, design patterns training sessions.

SmartMeal - personal menu planner

Site: http://smartme.al, Android app
Dates: 2013

Service for everyday meal planning. User can use either predefined menus, or create his own and share it with other users. User can put together menu of existing recipes, or add his own recipe.

This ptoject is a continuation of Cleverbag, described below.

Roles: CEO/CTO Backend developer Frontend developer Android developer
Under the hood: Symfony2 MongoDB jQuery JavaScript Android SDK
Achievements: My own startup. It failed, but gave a lot of technical, marketing and management experience. Despite strong support and several pivots I could not make it to market because of lack of marketing experience. I learned a lot of lessons on every level: personal, business, technical, management and lot of between them. This lessons helping me now to plan everyday work more carefully and optimal from business standpoint.

CleverBag - more then just a shopping list

Site: http://cleverbag.ru, Android app
Dates: 2012-2013

Shopping list from recipe's ingredients in one click. Users can search for nearest supermarkets (in Moscow and five other Russian and Ukrainian cities) with promo actions.
Android app and mobile web version. Both can work offline, syncronizing on internet connection establishment.
I've developed my own powerfull sync library for this project.

Roles: See SmartMeal
Under the hood: See SmartMeal
Achievements: See SmartMeal

LinguaLeo - learn English online

Site: http://lingualeo.com/
Dates: 2011-2012
Description: ААА rang startup #1 in Russia. Raised over $3 * 10^6 and started world conquest.
Roles: Backend developer Frontend developer
Worked with: Symfony MySQL Redis jQuery JavaScript
Achievements: As a backend developer I was working on server side optimizations on business critical parts like registration and dictionary. I also used data mining to improve context dictionary content.

NewVision - lean team.

Dates: 2009-2011
Description: Working here I've been inspired with lean methodologies and startup spirit. We were working on several projects considered and developed for high load.
Two of three projects are not mantained anymore, but modules like accounting and background tasks are working in other projects (e.g. Forumok.com - SMM tasks market).
Also we developed our own PHP framework for high load realtime traffic auction, aggresive optimized and designed for translation into multithread language like C++, Java or Scala.
All code was covered with real unit tests. 70 tests passed for 1 second on developer's laptops.
Achievents: Started as common developer I became one of architects. I've designed accounting and background tasks plugins mentioned before. This plugins are very powerful yet flexible, and can be integrated into other projects on symfony 1.4 very quickly.
Roles: Backend developer Architect Design patterns evangelist
Worked with:
Symfony 1.4 PHP (handmade framework) MongoDB MySQL Redis jQuery JavaScript
Design patterns (SOLID, GRASP, GoF) Unit testing Hight load

Freelance - different stuff, you know...

Dates: 2007-2009
Stuff: ...Online Sea battle, visit card generator, collage creator on pure JavaScript, video/audio/book/file catalog and billing for ISP...
And, of course, like all of developers used to develop social network (not mantained anymore) and make my very own template engine.
Achievents: A lot of coding experience, discovered many libraries like ImageMagic and other, have learned how to learn.
Worked with: PHP Ruby MySQL JavaScript Всего не упомнить

FeoSoft - "thin clients" and SeeBeyond integration

Dates: 2005-2007гг
Description: «LinWare» - software for thin clients. I was doing central management system for terminals remote controll including start, halt, user and software management.
SeeBeyond integration was boring corporate job, so I quit.
Achievements: Learned how to work in total QA environment. It was neccessary: one mistake could cost to company a life.
Roles: Business intelegence Developer
Worked with: J2SE J2ME Swing SQLite JavaScript OOP Client server architecture Integration

School - Basic, Pascal, school competitions...

CV: Thanks to my parents I have started coding very young. In 7th class I used to create some simple games with QBasic. Then I learned Pascal and this had a positive impact on my coding style. Later at Univercity I learned C++ and fall in love with OOP. I improved my skills with Java, then started using it in PHP once it became possible.

That's it, thanx for reading :)